Starting January 10, 2018, tune in every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern to my hour-long call-in radio show, where I discuss courageous living, bring in guest speakers, and answer your questions on the air.

I broadcast simultaneously on these stations:

To ask a question, simply call 866-451-1451 during my show. Can’t listen live or can’t call in but you have a question? Email your questions to me at admin(at)SpiritEvolution(dot)co and I’ll answer them on the next show.

And if you missed a show or want to hear a show again, click below.

  • A fabulous show! Congrats Jennifer, keep spreading the word. It's a joy to have you on internet radio. Thanks for taking my call on air.
  • Great show! Very inspiring and thank you for always being authentic, modeling courage.
  • Great show, Jennifer! Thank you!
  • I am so happy I checked out this new program today. Two thumbs up!!!
  • I have listened to your podcast via iTunes.  Your beliefs are very much where I'd love to go!


  • Wow. Just wow! Just had the pleasure of tuning into your first radio show and had no idea what to expect. What you have done with your life is nothing short of remarkable and inspiring. I wish you all the best in this new future and will be turned in to witness your growing impact. Thanks for sharing your gift.
  • It's easy to get hooked on your radio show.  It's real.  It's comfortable and provocative.  It's humbling and lifting.

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