Shamanism is a very powerful spiritual practice that invites spirit helpers, animal guides and ancestors in to perform healings, solve problems and bring about balance and personal power. It has been my personal experience that these spirits and guides want to help us, and will work through me to help you. Sometimes the results are instantaneous, other times it is a gradual process and requires several shamanic sessions.

Shamanic sessions are your starting point to spirit evolution.  Sessions focus on healing your spiritual or energetic body, which, in turn, can result in healing of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  This approach to healing is well-suited for chronic conditions and can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities that you may be using.

During these sessions, we’ll start by talking about what you are looking to accomplish or work on in a shamanic session.  We’ll also discuss the type of shamanic practices that might make the most sense for you, given your specific situation.  I’ll then call in your helping spirits, animal guides and ancestors and journey to them to perform healing activities such as soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, extractions, or some combination of all of these!  Often, the helping spirits guide me through the best activities, so we’ll make sure that they are part of the process too.

In every instance, my spiritual helpers give me messages to help you reclaim your personal power and find joy in life. With that key message in mind, you and I will work together to integrate these insights into your everyday life. Through this process, you will heal your soul, grow and realize the totality of you.

These sessions help you:

  • Release negative energies and emotions
  • Achieve wholeness and completeness as your soul is retrieved, integrated and restored
  • Understand how to honor yourself, your soul and your spirit helpers as you move forward on your life journey