Jennifer, thank you so much! Our call was extremely helpful and I really appreciate your recommendations and taking the extra time. Many, many thanks!


Thanks so much! I’m so grateful that you are willing to share your gift with me to help me work through some of these challenges. The session was powerful, insightful and useful in that I have some concrete steps to move forward. Thanks again! I’m so happy you have decided to dedicate yourself to such incredible… Read More


Jennifer, thank you so much for this insight.  It is so clear to me now. Brilliant! I am trying to deeply internalize my experience with you.  Thank you again.  You are amazing.


Thank you again for the session yesterday, Jennifer. I already feel that I have a greater understanding and freedom as well as expansiveness and connection to a larger world. It’s a really welcome feeling to experience that. Thank you!!


Jennifer, it was truly a pleasure to meet you and it was a wonderful experience I had with your journey for me. Thank you again for helping me with situations I am dealing with now. You are very talented.


Thank you, again, for such a healing experience today. And kudos on your book. It’s been such a source of life and hope for me!  Thank you for sharing your journey to shamanism with the world.    


I am so delighted with the journey you took for me. Just having the information helps.


Our shamanic session deeply touched my soul and healed a part of my heart that felt lost for a long, long time. Your wisdom, your care, your love and deep connectedness to spirit moved my life in a deep way and continues to.


“I woke up feeling peaceful and refreshed – it was the first time I felt this way since beginning my cancer treatments.”


“You begin, nurture and continue connections with people in all aspects of your life.  Your higher consciousness, that part of you closest to spirit, is present always which allows you to sense others’ needs…You harness that sense to connect and bring out the best.”