“For the first time, I feel whole.”

Erin B.

“I woke up feeling peaceful and refreshed – it was the first time I felt this way since beginning my cancer treatments.”



“You begin, nurture and continue connections with people in all aspects of your life.  Your higher consciousness, that part of you closest to spirit, is present always which allows you to sense others’ needs…You harness that sense to connect and bring out the best.”



“I was aware of a healing presence during Jennifer’s shamanic work for me.  It was like a warmth, comfort and awareness of something important happening. The messages, symbols and insights I received from Jennifer’s session with me were 100% on target and perfect for helping me get clear and healthy.  My rebirth into health was facilitated both on a spiritual and a physical level.  I needed this breakthrough! Thank you.”


Tim M.


“Because of your focus, people are set at ease knowing you are in the moment and not somewhere else.  This creates a sense of comfort and direction…Your ability to generate trust…comes from a true interest in what is happening.”


Tom S.

“You have a calmness about you that is reassuring to people who are going through big changes.”


Carolyn P.

“Your ability to field through tough emotions and life situations – and extract deep insights is one of your enduring qualities…Your ability to see “what is” in front of you with wisdom, heart and skillful means make you an ideal coach.”