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To me, living a courageously authentic life is one where you strip down to the core of who you are; discover and connect to your inner spark, integrity and source; and bring that forward consistently and consciously into your day-to-day life.

It takes courage to do this!

When you live an authentic life, you cannot hide behind the masks that so many of us wear in life.  You need to be comfortable with yourself and strong in your belief in your purpose in life so that you don’t need – or want – to wear a mask.  You question everything from the perspective of your authentic self:

  • Does this (decision, action, item, etc.) help or hinder my living an authentic life?
  • Am I feeling or acting this way because there is a real concern or is this an old fear coming up that is trying to hold me back?
  • Why couldn’t I (do something that is different)?

The rewards of this type of life are incredible, however.  Once you find the courage and jump into truly living, you discover a life filled with joy, excitement and energy. That’s not to say you won’t have “down” days – we all have them – but even when times are tough, your spark will keep you moving forward.

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