Shamanic healing is one of the oldest healing modalities known to mankind.  Going back tens of thousands of years, shamanic healing and practices have been used by every indigenous culture in world.

These cultures believed, as do I, that extreme traumas, stress, loss and the reality of day-to-day living weakens the “spirit” or “energy” of an individual, and can eventually lead to spiritual illnesses. These spiritual illnesses often manifest as physical and/or emotional illnesses such as depression, feeling disconnected, being “spaced out” or not fully present, physical illnesses and diseases, exhaustion, and many other ways.  They may also result in soul loss.

Shamanic practitioners focus on the spiritual aspect of healing, and their work is complementary to modern and alternative medicine, therapy and training that addresses the physical, mental and emotional aspects of healing.

Through a change in consciousness, shamans enter a “non ordinary” reality to meet with and request assistance and healing from spirit helpers, animals and ancestors. These compassionate helpers want to help and work with humans, and shamanic practitioners serve as the bridge between “non ordinary” and “ordinary” reality.

Shamanic healing incorporates various techniques customized to your individual needs and situation, including:

  • IMG_2024Soul retrieval: bringing back and incorporating pieces of an individual’s soul that have been lost through daily living, stress or traumas
  • Power animal retrieval: introducing you to your power animal, a helping compassionate animal spirit, who brings you assistance, guidance and messages to help you in your life journey
  • Divination: finding answers through objects in nature and shamanic journeying to help guide you in decision making
  • Extraction: removing energies from your energy field that are not needed or are not yours
  • Psychopomp: working with the energies of people who have passed away or are preparing for the ultimate journey to help them get to the other side

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